THANK YOU to everyone participating in my current lecture series, “Modern Art Madness!” Saturday we discussed Marcel Duchamp’s astounding influence on the art world and Dada’s impact on how we view/perceive/appreciate ART. We had some deep theoretical conversations, but we also made time to play! Be sure to register for the last lecture in this […]

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Art is a Mirror

My gratitude to everyone who attended the final installment of my lecture series celebrating women artists, “From Muse to Master,” this week in Mount Dora, FL.  Beginning in the Middle Ages and going all the way to the 21st century, we highlighted the work and impact of a variety of women artists, but barely scratched […]

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Baby Kermit

THANK YOU to everyone who made it to the opening of the “Totally 80’s!” Art Show this past weekend at The Barefoot Spa!  It was a wonderful turn out and all the guests seemed to really enjoy the trip back in time to the decade of excess.  My favorite part was seeing what people connected […]

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Series Finale

Cindy Sherman’s haunting photographs often feel like movie stills, but is there more going on in this scene? Join me this Thursday (3/15) at 12:30pm in Mount Dora, FL for the epic conclusion of my lecture series, “From Muse to Master: Celebrating Women Artists.” Together we will discuss women artists pushing the boundaries of “art” […]

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Modern Art’s Origin Story

THANK YOU! I am so grateful to everyone who attended Saturday’s lecture at SoBo Gallery, hosted by the Winter Garden Art Association.  It was the first session in my new series – “Modern Art Madness!” – and was titled “Modern Art: Why Should I Like It?”  I had a marvelous time discussing Modern Art’s origin […]

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The Infamous “-isms”

Modern Art is an incredibly immense umbrella under which reside a multitude of “-isms” used to describe movements in art. Impressionism Post-impressionism Cubism Pointillism Expressionism Fauvism Abstract Expressionism Futurism The list goes on and on!  Join me this Saturday, March 10th as we tackle a few of these infamous “-isms” in my new lecture, “Modern […]

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