For the Love of Frida

I may be the only person in the world that still uses paper calendars, but who cares?!  Because I plan events so far in advance and don’t want to forget anything (and have a twinge of OCD), I need multiple places to document all my activities and shenanigans.  I actually work in triplicate – paper […]

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Concealed & Revealed

The current art exhibition on view at SoBo Gallery in Winter Garden, FL is titled “Concealed and Revealed” and features local artists interpreting the concepts of concealment and revelation – obviously.  However, in addition to the expected myriad of traditional portraits and nude figures, there were some very interesting (and surprising!) mixed media pieces included […]

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I, Juan de Pareja

I, Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino is a young adult novel about the artist Diego Velazquez (of “Las Meninas” fame) told from the point of view of his assistant, Juan de Pareja.  Honestly, the book is more Juan’s story than it is Velazquez’ story because it provides an intimate look at slavery […]

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Spring 2019 Class Schedule

The class schedule is up for the Spring 2019 semester of the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning and registration is live.  This spring I am offering five classes and it will be your last opportunity to take some of them.  That’s right – after this semester some of my classes will be retired into The […]

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Welcome to 2019!

2019 is finally here and I am SO ready to talk about ART! The image attached to this post is an example of a small portion of research I have been doing for all the incredible projects I have planned for the year.  At this very moment I am researching novels and books for this […]

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