Cosmic Fish

My Cosmic Fish series is a collection of 19 paintings depicting sea life-inspired aliens that travel through space in search of planets to devour.  I know… crazy, right?  I was inspired by an image I saw in an old Sotheby’s art auction catalog titled “Realms of the Mind: British Fantasy Art and Illustration.”  In one illustration, there was an alien creature wrapping itself around a planet.  The alien was kind of “fishy” looking and it reminded me of all the unusual creatures living in the deepest oceans.  I decided to paint as many aliens as I could that were inspired by deep sea creatures with each one being completely unique from the next.

I also wanted them to feel alive, so I gave them names and backstories.  Each Cosmic Fish has a short, but fantastic, sci-fi-esque story about why he or she is traveling through space, how hungry they are or why they are eating certain planets.  With every painting and story I completed, I tried to outdo myself in creativity and comedy, so some of them are pretty out there (pun intended).

The remaining six Cosmic Fish are on display and for sale at Every Nook and Cranny in Mount Dora, FL.  For more information on the remaining paintings, please email me at



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