Loving Vincent

I’m in the midst of writing and producing a lecture on Vincent van Gogh that will debut at the Winter Garden Art Association in Winter Garden, FL this September.  “The Legacy of Vincent van Gogh” will discuss not only his biography and artwork, but also how we in the 21st century are reevaluating our perception of this modern master.  As more research is done into mental health issues and their relation to the creative mind, the more cause we have to question whether or not the stories we’ve been told are accurate.  Did Vincent really cut off his ear and give it to a prostitute?  Did he commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest?  My research has led me to believe one extremely important fact about Vincent – that he is probably the single most misunderstood artist in modern history.

We will also discuss the upcoming film, “Loving Vincent,” a feature length film completely painted by hand in Van Gogh’s style.  “Loving Vincent” is currently making the international film festival circuit and racking up multiple awards.  Its debut in the U.S. has not yet been released.  For more information on this lecture, please visit wgart.org.


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