“Blood on Our Hands”

“Blood on Our Hands” is an abstract piece inspired by one of my favorite shows, “The Walking Dead.”  While I love science-fiction and fantasy, I occasionally dabble in the horror genre and TWD is my go-to source for gore.  This piece is inspired by a line of dialogue from Season 6, Episode 7 (“Heads Up”) in which Rick and Morgan debate the need to kill humans, not just walkers, to protect their group.  Rick asks Morgan flat out, “Making it now… you really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?”

This particular piece is a departure for me as it is one of my darker creations as discussed in my previous blog post, “Art Therapy 1.”  Despite the fact that I’m an art historian who loves abstraction, as an artist, I rarely create abstracts of my own.  With this piece, I wanted a heightened sense of texture, almost as an invitation to touch the painting.  I used globs of dried up paint to represent symbolic gore while the circles represent piles of skulls.

This mixed media piece measures 16″x20″ and is available for $125 (+shipping).  Email me at WanderlustArts@outlook.com if interested.


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