Chris Carr: Reflections of the Surreal in the Mundane

Chris Carr is a talented photographer that I had the honor of writing about for the March 2017 issue of Artborne Magazine.  Chris’s photography is inspired by the reflections created in various bodies of water.  Anything from a puddle to a lake becomes the window to a surreal world and Chris captures the view.  Below is a brief excerpt from the article and to read more, just follow this link…

“When a person looks down, he or she is forced to acknowledge that their feet are carrying them in a certain direction. In the stillness of stopping to consider this implication, one is undoubtedly struck with the question all humans dread, “Am I going in the right direction?” This question can be so frightening that some just surrender and laugh off the soul-killing routine of adult responsibility. To acknowledge that one is quite possibly going in the wrong direction in life can be enough to keep the wheels and cogs turning, forever distracted, forever racing towards a finish line at the edge of a cliff.

Chris Carr is one of those creative individuals who no longer turns smoothly with the other cogs. He is an artist determined to free humans from the race, and does so by compelling each person who views his work to look down, stop, and reconsider the direction of his or her life. Carr photographs the clues that help answer that ominous question, “Am I going in the right direction?” The images he captures plead with the viewer to stop racing and come to a complete stop before something beautiful and wonderful and magical is missed. Carr assumes the responsibility of photographing a different perspective that requires the viewer to look down and stop moving, and that is where the real journey begins.”


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