Forrest MacDonald: The Artist as Both Creator and Destroyer of Worlds

Forrest is a multi-talented artist that is prolific in sculpture, photography, and installation art, among other creative endeavors.  I had the pleasure of interviewing him for the April issue of Artborne Magazine and a brief excerpt from that article is included below.  If you would like to read the entire article, please visit…

“To think of technology as disposable may seem ironic, especially when considering the amount of money spent on cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and other tools of communication. But technology is that dubious industry that is both indispensable and easily replaced, blending reason and madness. It is a necessary evil that requires consumers to repeatedly upgrade to the newest, the fastest, and the most powerful version of itself. It feeds the need for a constant flow of information, so much so that when it breaks, life itself seems to stop. As the flow of information goes, so goes one’s livelihood, and technology is both the needle and the drug.

Recognizing the wastefulness of discarded, outdated technology, Forrest MacDonald is an artist literally making old things new again. His 2016 sculpture series, Wired Up, includes seven characters created by “using fragments taken from deconstructing broken obsolete technologies” to create life where it was lost. These new sculptures are a stark contrast to his previous work, and one cannot fully appreciate their power without seeing them in relation to his past projects, namely his 2012 photography series, Recipes for Disaster. On the surface, the two creative endeavors may seem at odds: one is photography of grim scenes of ruin, the other is blissfully sculptural and fun. Together, these artistic projects illustrate that both creation and destruction cannot only be housed in the same artist, but that both can be complementary to the art-making process.”


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