Richard (HORSEBITES) Minino: Modern Heraldry

Richard Minino is that rare artist who can take an everyday object and turn it into something magical.  An avid rider himself, Richard transforms helmets, gas tanks and other parts of motorcycles into works of art.  I had the privilege of interviewing him for the May issue of Artborne Magazine and a brief excerpt of that article is below.  If you’d like to read the entire article, please follow this link…

“Over the centuries, fact evolved into fantasy, and the allure of knighthood still permeates the psyche of modern thought. Films about King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and other medieval heroes are made and remade and rebooted for every new generation. The Tolkiens, Martins, Rothfusses, and other literary wizards set their stories in fictional worlds parallel to the Middle Ages, but with more magic, quests, battles, and knight-like heroes. Despite all the fictional appropriation, certain profound themes of knighthood remain—the freedom that comes from seeking adventure and the bravery to explore even the darkest roads.

Bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are the medieval knights of today, tapping into that same adventurous spirit. They seek nothing more than the independence to travel and live their lives as they see fit, with no one interfering or imposing any kind of restrictions. Whether traveling alone or in groups, each biker bears his or her colors and crests, much like the knights of old. This modern heraldry is rooted in the pageantry of knighthood and pays homage to all the champions who came before.

Richard Minino (aka HORSEBITES) translates this pageantry to the steeds and armor of contemporary bikers. By customizing gas tanks and helmets, Minino is dressing today’s knights as they venture out on America’s expansive highways and twisting country roads in search of adventure. Like the knights before them, bikers proudly display their colors, interests, and personal beliefs on their motorcycles and helmets with detailed artwork provided by Minino.”


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