Thank you for Stocking Up!

Thank you to Every Nook & Cranny and to The Cellar Door for organizing a night of wine and art!

This time of year, we are bombarded with sales, coupons, discounts, emails, commercials and fliers encouraging us to shop, shop, shop.  I even saw one commercial that blatantly said, “We turn feelings into jewelry.”  I abhor obsessive consumerism and the commercialization of emotions and holidays.  In the USA, the Christmas Season is the epitome of all that garbage combined.

This year, I encourage you to step back and think about every purchase you make.  If you are going to spend money on a gift, think about where that money goes after it leaves you.  Does it stay in your community?  Does it go to an actual person or to a CEO?  Is that money going to further someone’s creative dreams or will it just become a statistic to please shareholders?

Shop small, shop local and support the artists in your community this holiday season!


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