I am not ashamed to admit that pop culture plays a significant role in my artwork.  I know a number of artists who have rejected the idea of painting pop culture references, but I truly enjoy it.  For me, it is not just a way of paying tribute to my favorite fandoms, but an opportunity or challenge to reinterpret something that is easily recognizable.

When I paint something from pop culture – a character, a symbol, a scene – I want to capture the essence of why that thing is important to me all while putting my own spin on it.  I always think to myself, “How can I make this my version of… ?”

As a pretty big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), I decided to pay tribute to two of my favorite characters by painting their symbols.  Captain America is know for his shield and Agent Peggy Carter is known for her red hat, at least in the marketing for her short-lived, but amazing show on ABC.  I think each piece becomes more powerful when you consider them as a set, kind of like Cap and Peggy.


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