Girl with a Pearl Earring

Last fall I was asked if I would speak at a book club.  The group was interested in choosing a book with some sort of artistic or art historical context and was looking for someone who could speak about the book in both literary and art historical terms.  As a bibliophile (and Borders Books & Music alum), I jumped at the chance!

The book club chose Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier and this made me even more excited.  This painting is so mysterious and there are very few facts about Vermeer’s life or about the details surrounding his paintings.  Chevalier does a wonderful job of blending fact with fiction to create a story that probably did not happen… but could have.

She also does an incredible job describing Vermeer’s paintings in the book.  So much so, that we will be able to discuss the exact paintings she refers to throughout the story.  All of this and the opportunity to discuss the Dutch baroque period made this an opportunity I could not pass up!


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