“Paper Thin & Shadow Deep” at The Appleton

Ever since discovering her work as part of the 2022 Florida Prize in Contemporary Art exhibition hosted by the Orlando Museum of Art, I have been completely under the spell of artist Hiromi Mizugai Moneyhun. Her work leaves me in awe, plain and simple. That said, a trip to the Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida to experience her exhibition “Paper Thin & Shadow Deep” was an obvious no-brainer.

The exhibition does not disappoint! This exhibition, spread across two galleries, will no doubt surprise you and leave you feeling mesmerized. My recommendation is to take your time – heck, take extra time – when viewing her work. The longer you observe her pieces, the more they reveal to you, like artistic secrets hiding in plain sight. Her intricate papercutting technique is overflowing with “hidden” or disguised images, like the pair of chickens nestled within an elaborate kimono in the piece below…

“Kimono,” from the series UKIYO The Floating World, cut paper, 2017

Moneyhun’s work also carries with it layers of deep emotion and observations on complex issues like motherhood, the representation of first nations in art and all the complicated feelings associated with the pandemic lockdown.

“Visionesses,” cut paper, 2012

“Savage Noble,” cut paper, 2015

“Bleeding Heart,” acrylic paint, in pen, cut paper on wood panel, 2021

Anytime is a good time to support the arts in Florida, but it is an exceptional time to get yourself to the Appleton Museum of Art to see this exhibition. “Paper Thin & Shadow Deep” is on view now through June 18, 2023.

For more information on this exhibition, please visit…


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