The art world got into the Super Bowl spirit this past week with #MuseumBowl23! This good-natured and fun wagering between art institutions began thirteen years ago as a way of establishing partnerships between museums in the Super Bowl teams’ competing cities. This year’s sparring art institutions are the Philadelphia Museum of Art representing the Philadelphia Eagles and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art representing the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday night, a delegation from the Philadelphia Museum of Art will visit The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art bearing a painting from their collection on loan to the victor. Or course, the question on everyone’s mind is… what masterpiece is the PMA willing to loan to their rivals?

To keep up with the developments, I recommend following these art institutions on social media (like Facebook or Instagram) and searching for the hashtag #MuseumBowl23.

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4 thoughts on “#MuseumBowl23

  1. Definitely something to watch for. My favorite gallery at the Nelson-Atkins is where the Impressionist paintings are displayed. Maybe some to fit in there. 🙂

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  2. This is an awesome distraction! If I get one more anti-Rihanna message from one of my old-fart buddies, I am gonna scream. What happens to people, as they age? Lawsy mercy.

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    1. I’m w/ you, Nancy. I cannot understand the hate being thrown at Rihanna right now. I saw one person on my feed describe the half time show as “disgusting,” but they didn’t elaborate. I kept thinking to myself, “Did we watch the same half time show???” I thought she was amazing.


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